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Google Adwords Pay Per Click Horsham


Pay per Click Horsham

Pay per click is  a type of online advertising that is used to increase the number of visitors to your website. It is not SEO which are “organic” or “natural” listings. Many search engines and Social Media sites use pay per click.

Google Adwords Horsham

The most common form of PPC ads is Google Adwords. Adwords are displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs) above and to the right-hand side of the organic results in response to the users search term. They are clearly labelled as ‘Ads’ or ‘Sponsored Results’ to differentiate them from the organic listings. See image below.

You do not pay for your ad to be displayed but you do pay every time a visitor clicks on it and goes through to your website. This is called a “click-through”.

Google Adwords Horsham Sussex

Your Adword position depends on how much you are willing to bid for that position. If you are willing to pay more for that click-though than your competitors then you will usually rank number 1. Google allows you to set daily budgets and to be able to only show your ads in a given geographical location.

We’ve been using Horsham Web Design for over 6 years now to manage our Adword Campaigns. Our Ads have been seen millions of times with thousands of click throughs. It has had a significant impact on our business. Gavin MD GTL