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As a local business here in Horsham West Sussex, I am always saying what the point of having a website is if no-one can find you! This is especially true for small businesses where you want visitors to you site that are relevant to your product or services.

There are several ways to get noticed with the top three being Search Engine Listings (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) and Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter etc). So how does a Horsham business promote itself on the web?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO

SEO is all about getting noticed by search engines like Google. Ideally you want to be found on the first page for your particular keyword of phrase (for example SEO Horsham) but that can take a great deal of effort and time. If anyone tells you they can guarantee a first page listing then run a mile! Keywords are so important, should you have, say “web design horsham”, “website design horsham” or “horsham web designers”? Or “SEO Horsham“, SEO West Sussex”.  How do you get these keywords into your text?

Google Adwords or Pay Per Click

The most popular Pay per Click is Google’s Adwords. Small Businesses pay their host only when their ad is clicked. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market. PPC is also now available on Facebook too. Google Adwords can be a brilliant way to get instant results. If you are a business that wants to get a top of the page listing on Google, consider running a Google Adwords Horsham campaign.

Horsham Web Design suggested we try an Adword Campaign way back in 2005. I took a risk and Guy was absolutely right. Within six months I had cancelled Yellow Pages and all my traditional advertising and ploughed the money into Google Adwords. It was an easy decision to make as the results were immediately measurable and Guy was always on hand offering advice and support. Malcolm, MD Cherished Land


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) benefits organizations and individuals by providing an additional channel for customer support, a means to gain customer and competitive insight, and a method of managing their reputation online. Key factors that ensure its success are its relevance to the customer, the value it provides them with and the strength of the foundation on which it is built. If you are not using SMO then consider this, the world’s second largest search engine is not Yahoo!, it’s YouTube. Watch the video below, it will amaze you.


With over 5 years of very successful campaign management, Horsham Web Design can really can get you noticed. Using Pay Per Click you could be getting the number one position for your keyword tomorrow!

“My many thanks to Horsham Web Design for getting us on the front page of Google for our main keywords, “Wedding Photography Horsham” as well as “Family Portrait Photography Horsham

SEO Horsham West Sussex