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The 4 Rules Of Marketing your Article

  • Rule 1. Your content should be unique: When articles aren’t unique they don’t get picked up by the search engines. This is called the “duplicate content penalty”. Links inside a duplicate content article don’t hold the same benefit as a link inside a unique article.
  • Rule 2. You should link to your site using your keywords: Remember that one of the most important factors for ranking highly for your search term is to have lots of backlinks using that search term. You should also spread your links throughout your article so that it looks natural to the search engines.
  • Rule 3. You should get links from sites that are related to yours: These are called “on topic” links and they appear to hold more value than “off topic” links. For instance, a link to your dog training site from another pet care site is going to be much more valuable than a link from an automotive parts website.
  • Rule 4. You should aim to get lots of links! Quality is important, but so is quantity! You want to make sure that you’re getting a decent number of backlinks for the amount of effort you put into producing the article. Spending an hour on an article only to get one or two backlinks is not an effective use of your time.

If you’ve tried a bit of article marketing through article directories, you know that it can be a good way of getting a brief surge in traffic to your site and some longer-lasting benefit from the backlinks, but traditional forms of article marketing fail in a few important ways.

The 3 Big Weaknesses Of Traditional Article Marketing:

  • Weakness #1: Problems with duplicate content. Even if you create ten versions of your article for ten different article directories, you still only have ten chances to have your article appear in the search engines. Any time another site picks up the article, it’ll be seen as duplicate content.
  • Weakness #2: You can usually only insert links into the article at the bottom, inside the “bio box”. This is not as good as having more natural looking links within the article itself.
  • Weakness #3: Article directories are less useful than they used to be. Google in particular have come out with updates that devalue sites with a lot of duplicate and low-quality content. This includes many previously good article directories. So, although the better ones are still worthwhile, the value you get from having article in these directories is less than it once was.