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…make friends with people you shouldn't

Add as a friend? Think before clicking "confirm". Ms Fraill didn't. The juror said it was empathy that led her to track down Jamie Sewart – a defendant in a drugs trial – on Facebook and later become "friends" with her. The contact was disclosed to the judge and in less than a year Ms Fraill was back in court, this time in the dock.

…moan about your boss/customers/constituents

It sounds obvious but is surprisingly common. A woman, known only as Lindsay, declared in a status update, "OMG I hate my job!" before launching into a personal attack on her boss. It was a matter of hours before she was reminded that her boss was among her "friends". He reportedly posted a response telling Lindsay not to bother coming in tomorrow. "I'll pop your P45 in the post. And yes, I'm serious," he wrote.

…upload dodgy photos

Unless you look after your privacy settings, embarrassment and shame are almost inevitable on Facebook – from the mildly upsetting double-chin shot to one of glazed-over eyes and hand clamped to a wine bottle in some dark den.

…enjoy your sick leave too much

If you've pulled a sickie or are genuinely ill, it's probably best to stay off Facebook. A Canadian woman on long-term sick leave for depression says she lost her benefits when her insurance agent found photos of her enjoying herself on Facebook, seemingly having fun in the sun and late nights out with friends. Nathalie Blanchard had been on leave from her job at IBM in Quebec for a year and maintains her activities were on doctors' orders as a way to beat depression.

…spill secrets

Israel was among the first to get nervy about sensitive information appearing on the internet after a review of its troops' Facebook pages revealed detailed pictures of air bases, operations rooms and submarines. A new set of rules – which was not made public – included a ban on images of pilots and special unit members, and anything showing specific military manoeuvres.

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